10 Questions and Answers About Skills-Based Talent Practices | Curated from Deloitte’s Report on Skills

Talent Management

Many organizations continue to make the transition to skills-based talent practices. As talent practitioners think through the various aspects of this transition, I have curated this one-page summary—comprised of 10 questions and answers— from Deloitte’s 101-page report, Building Tomorrow’s Skills-based Organization (SBO): Jobs Aren’t Working Anymore. The one page-summary addresses questions such as: How many organizations have successfully transitioned to being a SBO? How effective are organizations at classifying and organizing skills into a skills taxonomy or framework? What are the top three barriers business and HR executives cite as obstacles to skills-based talent practices? Which areas are organizations starting with when introducing skills-based talent practices? What is the best way to organize work beyond jobs, so that employees and their skills can flow more easily to the work where they are most needed? What tangible, practical things can organizations do to start their journey to a skills-based organization? The one-page summary includes the question, answer, page number from which the answer was sourced, and a link to the full report. If there are other questions you would like to see answered on skill-based talent practices, please submit them here, and I will address them in future posts.