10 Talent and Workforce Risks Template | Brian Heger

Talent Management

HR leaders continue to build their organizations’ capability in detecting and acting on various talent and workforce-related risks. As leaders take a more expansive view of the different risks that can pose threats to their organizations, they can use this template to think through 10 talent-workforce risks. For each of the 10 risks in column 1 (e.g., Misalignment of talent with business strategy: talent strategy does not fully align with the company’s strategic objectives and business strategy; Talent shortage: difficulty in finding and attracting skilled workers with the necessary qualifications and experience), put a checkmark in column 2 if you believe this is a critical risk for your organization. Clicking the box will automatically insert a check mark. Use column 3 to insert notes for high-risk areas. While this template does not include all talent and workforce risks, it will help you think through many of them that may require attention for your organization. I have also included a blank template if you want to add other talent and workforce risks beyond the 10 already listed. It is important to note that this post is not about “filling out templates.” It’s about integrating these considerations into your organization’s talent management so you can convert risks into opportunities. The template is a tool to help. As bonus references, I am resharing two resources to help you think through various types of talent and workforce risks: 1) Deloitte’s article, Elevating the Focus on Human Risk—which is part of the 2023 Deloitte Human Capital Report and 2) MercerMarsh Benefits report, People Risk: Resetting Priorities to Manage Risks for Workforce and Business Resilience.