10 Things Your Corporate Culture Needs to Get Right | MIT Sloan Management Review

Leadership & Culture

As firms plan their gradual return to the office, they are likely asking: how will our company culture need to enable new ways of working and re-prioritized worker expectations? This research analyzed 1.4 million employee reviews on Glassdoor using a Natural Employee Language platform—looking at 150 culture topics to determine which cultural elements shape how employees rate their firms’ culture. The number one predictor is 1) Employees feel respected. Employees are treated with consideration, courtesy, and dignity, and their perspectives are taken seriously. This factor is the most significant predictor (17.9x more powerful) of culture score than any other factor. One chart shows the variation in how employees rate respect in their company’s culture across 37 industries. Among the top most powerful indicators relate to leadership: Supportive leaders (9.4x): Leaders help employees do their work, respond to requests, offer encouragement, etc. Leaders live core values (7.3x), i.e., their actions are consistent with the organization’s values. Firms can use this data-driven reference as one source for determining which aspects of culture may matter most to their workers.

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