100 Critical People Analytics Questions: How Well Do You Really Know Your Workforce? | SAP Thought Leadership Paper

People Analytics

HR leaders continue to refine their 2022 priorities and underlying metrics. However, a few challenges HR leaders and their teams can face when selecting the most effective measures include 1) Just selecting measures that are obvious and basic (convenience factor) 2) Only selecting measures that are currently available (convenience factor) 3) Treating all measures of equal importance and, as a result, having too many measures (information overload), 4) No clear line of sight between the talent metrics and execution of business strategy (contextual relevance factor). To help HR teams overcome this challenge, this 16-page reference includes 100 questions to help HR teams think critically about their organizations’ talent management issues. It provides criteria for selecting key performance indicators (KPIs) that can show progress toward addressing these questions. The questions span nine talent categories, ranging from recruiting and onboarding to employee experience. This reference is an excellent resource for helping HR teams determine the core metrics and measures that matter most to their organizations. As a bonus, here is an article on this topic by Deloitte Insights.

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