100 Exit Interview Questions For 2022 | Vantage Circle

Talent Management

Last week, I shared a post that included questions managers could ask to identify employee retention risks and tailor retention strategies to individuals they want to retain. And while these resources intend to help managers proactively retain employees, there will be cases where employees still leave the organization despite these efforts. In these cases, leaders have an opportunity to collect feedback from voluntarily departing employees—usually through some form of an exit interview — on the reasons for their departure. Although there are varying views on the usefulness of exit interviews, exit interviews—whether a face-to-face conversation, a survey, or a combination of both—can provide valuable information that informs future retention strategies and needed changes. This article provides questions to gather feedback from voluntarily departing employees on the reasoning behind their decision to leave. Organizations can pick a couple of questions and incorporate them into their exit interviews. Aside from knowing what questions to ask, organizations will need to determine how to aggregate and analyze exit interview data for themes and insights—a common shortcoming of exit interviews. Question: If you could only ask two questions to voluntarily departing employees, what would they be?