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Last week I made a post showing that 400 recently surveyed U.S. public company board members cite talent as one of the most challenging topics they face. Also, virtually every survey on CEO and C-Suite priorities—such as The Conference Board C-suite Outlook 2022 Report and PWC’s Executive Views on Business Challenges and Opportunities in 2022 — shows talent as a critical issue. However, it is interesting that many organizations continue to lag when reporting meaningful metrics and measures that reflect their talent efforts, particularly in their SEC filings. For example, one post I made last year on an analysis of 427 Annual Reports on Form 10-K filed by companies in the S&P 500 showed a significant variation in what firms share, with many of them publishing basic measures (e.g., headcount, stats on training, etc.). As meaningful talent metrics become both an expectation and requirement for various purposes and audiences, CHROs and their teams will need to develop, track, and report key metrics that explain a firm’s talent narrative. A good starting point is identifying a firm’s most important talent and workforce questions and, then, determining the metrics that can provide the answers. With that goal in mind, this reference provides a list of 100 questions to stimulate ideas. As a bonus resource, I am resharing this SAP paper, which includes another 100 questions spanning eight talent categories, ranging from recruiting, onboarding, and employee experience.

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