11 Succession Planning Questions Template | Brian Heger

Talent Management

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This one-page template includes a sample of 11 succession planning (SP) questions that can help organizations think through various aspects of their SP practices. The questions do not represent an exhaustive list but provide a foundation to build on. Sample questions include:

  • Scope. Based on our SP purpose, what is the scope of our SP? Do we focus on roles at certain levels, critical roles regardless of level, or something else?
  • Role vs. Pool. Are there areas where SP will be based on ‘successor pools’ —where similar roles are grouped together and share a talent pool of potential successors? If so, what are they? Future Focused. How will our SP process go about planning for roles or capabilities that don’t exist today but will be needed in the future?
  • Development. If a successor is on multiple succession plans, how do we determine what plan takes priority in terms of successor development? 

For each question, there is an editable comment box where you can track notes.

As a bonus, I am resharing my one-page editable PDF template, which includes a sample of 10 SP metrics that organizations can refer to as they track and measure the effectiveness of their SP. The metrics represent a sample of available measures and may not be the right ones for an organization. Organizations should determine which talent outcomes they are trying to achieve and then identify the metrics (whether or not on this list) that are the best indicators of progress.