11 Trends that Will Shape Work in 2022 and Beyond | Harvard Business Review

Workforce Trends

After two years of disruption in the workplace, many believe that volatility will only increase in 2022. As firms navigate this uncertainty, this article—authored by Gartner’s research team members—shares 11 underlying trends to help organizations prepare for the challenges ahead. A few trends include: 3) To compete in the war for knowledge worker talent, some companies will shorten the workweek rather than increase pay. 8) Wellness will become the newest metric that companies use to understand their employees, 7) The complexity of managing a hybrid workforce will drive some employers to require a return to the office. The number one priority for many HR executives will be managing fairness and equity across the increasingly varied employee experience. Against this backdrop, firms will consider questions such as: Who has access to flexible work, and how do we handle situations where some managers allow their employees flexibility while others don’t? What should be the compensation impact on employees that move to locations with a lower cost of living? As we offer targeted investments for segments of our workforce (e.g., financial resources to support employees with children), how do we mitigate perceptions of unfairness among employees not in those segments? HR Leaders can use this reference as they refine and implement their 2022 priorities.

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