12 Resources for Chief Human Resources Officers | Brian Heger

HR Effectiveness

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NOTE: This CHRO resource was updated in Winter 2023 and now includes 15 resources!

As Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) continue to drive personal, team, and organizational effectiveness, this one-page PDF includes 15 resources that CHROs can leverage.

The 15 resources are organized into five categories:

  1. AI in HR. Shares ideas on how HR leaders can evaluate and implement AI within HR and the broader organization. 
  2. Transitioning to a New CHRO Role. Provides resources that can help CHROs speed up their transition into a new head of HR role.
  3. HR Strategy and Operating Models. Offers ideas for capturing aspects of HR strategy and HR operating model.
  4.  CHROs and the Board of Directors.  Shares a few resources on talent and workforce questions Boards are asking.
  5. CHRO Effectiveness. Includes attributes of effective Chief HR Officers and shares ideas on determining the effectiveness of an HR team.

While the PDF doesn’t represent an exhaustive list of available CHRO resources, you can use it as a starting point for creating your own resource library.