12 Resources on Talent, the Workplace, and the Workforce | Brian Heger

HR Effectiveness

Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and their teams continue to support and lead their organizations on several talent, workplace, and workforce practices and topics. To shed further light on these areas, this PDF includes 12 articles and reports related to four categories.  A few examples of the resources across the four areas include 1) CHRO – (e.g., talent questions CHROs and their teams should be able to answer; agile HR operating model; ESG in HR), 2) Skills – detailed reports on how organizations are shifting to skills-based talent practices, 3) Talent Risks (e.g., talent risks that stand in the way of executing business strategy, scenario planning, and succession, and 4) Culture and Leadership (e.g., enablers of an effective organizational culture, signs of a toxic culture, and how leaders can help to address worker burnout). Each image in the PDF is clickable and will take you to the source documents. This resource provides a simple and fast way to access resources on several talent, workplace, and workforce topics.