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HR Technology

This article includes and elaborates on 15 questions firms can ask HR tech vendors when shopping for new recruitment solutions. These questions can be modified for HR tech solutions other than recruitment. Example questions include: How will this recruitment solution help us reduce our hiring costs? How will this recruitment solution help us achieve our performance targets (e.g., faster time-to-hire, better quality of hire)? Can you provide any data to show the positive impact of your technology on improved hiring diversity? Even when these questions are answered satisfactorily, I recommend that a firm interested in the HR tech provider conduct an “experiment” to test the providers’ capabilities. During this experiment (some call it a pilot), the HR tech solution is tested in a small and controlled setting (e.g., a business unit) to see if a miniature version of the platforms’ advertised capabilities and outcomes are successfully delivered. However, even with this approach, successful pilot experiments often do not scale as conditions present during the pilot may no longer exist in a larger rollout. Still, asking good questions and testing vendor capabilities upfront enables a firm to evaluate an HR tech solution more effectively before making a buying decision.

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