15 Talent Questions Across Five Talent Areas | Brian Heger

Talent Management

HR leaders and their teams continue to be called upon to communicate aspects of their workforce strategy and talent initiatives. And while there are various aspects of these areas, this PDF includes sample questions that can stimulate thinking and conversations that inform the narrative for a few of those areas, including: 1) Talent Strategy, 2) Recruiting, 3) Internal Mobility, 4) Employee Retention, and 5) Workforce and Talent Risks. Each slide in the PDF includes three starter questions for each of the five areas. A few examples include: Talent Strategy: What are the key components of our talent strategy over the next 2-3 years? Where are we “placing our bets?” Recruiting: What is the strength of our employment brand among prospective employees? Internal Mobility: Which lines of business or managers are the best developers of talent as evidenced by promotions, transfers, etc. out of their departments? Employee Retention: What are the main reasons for employee turnover? How does this vary by business unit or employee segment?  The questions in this PDF are simply examples. Use them as a starting point for determining the questions most important for your organization. You can use the text box on each slide to formulate answers to these questions and begin to develop parts of your talent narrative. The last page includes a link to obtain a PDF that has 24 questions.