15 Ways Fractional CHROs Can Help You Achieve Company Goals | Forbes Human Resources Council

HR Effectiveness

This article highlights the value of fractional CHROs (Chief HR Officers) or Chief People Officers in driving organizational success, especially for start-ups and firms seeking efficient and strategic HR leadership. While there are various definitions of a fractional CHRO, one common description is someone with broad and deep HR knowledge and experience to support organizations that need help with the HR function on a part-time, project-by-project, or in an interim consulting capacity. Among the various reasons why a fractional CHRO might be beneficial to organizations are: they can come in to set up the right foundation for start-ups, develop the internal HR team to work at a higher level, and develop and optimize the right HR operating model. Regarding HR operating models, I am resharing my PDF, which includes five curated resources for Chief HR Officers to consider as they make decisions about their HR operating model. The PDF includes a description of each resource and links to the source document. It helps to answer questions such as: How are organizations structuring their HR operating models? What factors influence the choice of the HR operating model? How can one ensure an HR model is fit for purpose? How can HR operate as an integrated function? What are effective ways to communicate an HR operating model? In addition, here is my one-page PDF that includes 18 questions that might help CHROs think through different aspects of talent management for their organizations.