17 People Analytics Questions to Help Inform Aspects of Your Talent Strategy | Brian Heger

People Analytics

Many organizations continue to advance their people analytics capability to help guide the development and refinement of their talent strategy. With this as the backdrop, I have compiled 17 people analytics questions that I recently shared on Twitter. The PDF includes the 17 questions organized by six categories. The categories and sample questions include: 1) Recruiting (e.g., What are the most effective sourcing channels for attracting top talent?), 2) Performance / Productivity (e.g., What is the average time to full productivity for new hires? How does this vary by internal and external hires?), 3) Internal mobility (e.g., What percentage of our workforce moves internally each year between businesses/functions?) 4) Employee Retention (e.g., What aspects of our employee value proposition have the greatest impact on retention?), 5) Employee Wellbeing (e.g., Are our wellness programs effective in improving employee satisfaction and reducing stress? 6) Diversity and Inclusion (e.g., How can we identify and eliminate bias in our hiring and promotion processes?). The PDF includes an editable text box that you can use to add questions to each of the six categories. The purpose of the PDF is not to provide an exhaustive list of all people analytics questions. Instead, it aims to spark your thinking and ideas on how your organization might utilize people analytics to guide aspects of your talent strategy and initiatives.