18 Questions Chief Human Resources and Their Teams Might Be Asked About Talent

HR Effectiveness

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This PDF resource includes 18 questions that CHROs and their teams might be asked about different aspects of talent. And while there are hundreds of questions that can be asked about talent and the workforce, the PDF includes a few of those questions, which are organized into three categories: 1) overall strategy, 2) succession planning, and 3) diversity and inclusion. For example, regarding overall strategy, a few questions include: Do we have a workforce plan that forecasts our talent needs now and in the next few years? What are the challenges to executing our people strategy? What are our most critical talent risks, and what are we doing to mitigate these risks? Concerning succession planning, a sample question is: What is our track record on succession planning (i.e., how often did the company ultimately choose the successor identified in the plan, and how often did it choose another candidate)? A question about diversity and inclusion includesHow are we holding executives accountable to support and enable our DEI goals and objectives? The PDF includes a checkbox next to each question so that you can click and add a checkmark to those questions you want to explore and discuss further. Since these 18 questions represent only a subset of possible talent questions and categories, HR leaders and their teams should think through other questions and talent categories that are most relevant to their organization.