2020 Employee Care Report: The Hidden Causes of Turnover | Limeade

Talent Management

Over the past few years, employee wellbeing has become a top priority for many organizations. And with the ongoing situation of COVID-19, it has heightened importance. According to this report, which surveyed 1,000 full-time U.S. workers, organizations rarely fulfill employees’ socioemotional needs for affiliation, esteem, and emotional support. The report identified key problems linked to employee turnover, including low levels of inclusion, high levels of burnout, and the inability to address mental health issues like stress and anxiety. It provides insights on where employers fall short, how a lack of care manifests in the workplace, and how companies can change to retain top talent. An interesting finding is that almost 40% of workers who left their company encountered a colleague encouraging them to leave a job with them. That number increases to over 50% when employees feel “burned out.” It is a reminder that when one worker feels this way, it is likely to impact and influence how co-workers feel about their own situation, presenting a ripple effect within an organization.


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