2021 Global Talent Trends Report: The Future of Work | Mercer

Workforce Trends

The 64-page global trend report identifies four trends that will guide many firms’ talent and workforce strategies in 2021 and beyond. 1) Focus on Futures (e.g. remaking opportunities, reimagining retirement, etc. 2) Race to Reskill, (i.e., transform the workforce for a new world economy) 3) Sense with Science (e.g., augmenting Al with human intuition – leveraging analytics such as pay equity analysis, and 4.) Energizing the experience (g., inspiring and invigorating people by redesigning the work experience through digital transformation, flexibility, and HR transformation. This robust report contains various insights and references, including a multi-stakeholder model (page 7) that illustrates the various external (e.g., customer, activists, investors, etc.) and internal stakeholders (e.g., boards, employees, etc.) that purpose-driven firms must keep in mind when driving change. Concerning reskilling, page 26 has a Skills-based talent practice maturity model that illustrates four levels of how firms develop their talent. Level 4 (future-focused firms) focus more on developing workers’ skills through assignments, whereas Level 1 firms (Traditional) focus more on development through job movement. The former is more in line with the promotion of an internal talent marketplace strategy. Besides the global report, you can visit this part of Mercer’s website and register to receive any of 23 geography companion reports covering 46 countries. For more information about Mercer, you can visit their website.

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