2021 HR Transformation Report | The Talent Strategy Group

HR Effectiveness

While many firms were undergoing HR transformations before the pandemic, the coronavirus crisis sped up one of the most significant workplace transformations of our lifetime. This 22-page report provides detailed insights from over 200 firms worldwide on their progress in their HR transformation. A few themes include Strong but slow progress in transformations: While 65% of companies reported improvements in core HR functions after HR transformation, it took them twice as long as they expected to complete those changes. HR leaders were less satisfied than expected with HR’s effectiveness after the HR transformation. There were gaps between HR’s predicted effectiveness and the post-transformation reality. Shared Services & People Analytics saw the most accelerated gains. Regarding HR technology, the majority of respondents felt that their changed HR technology met or exceeded their expectations in enabling transformation; a sizable minority (40%) said technology implementations missed the target–raising questions about whether technology solutions can deliver on promises. Other insights are provided, and actions to overcome HR transformation challenges are recommended.

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