2021 Talent Management Compensation Report | The Talent Strategy Group

Talent Management

This report by The Talent Strategy Group provides compensation insights for talent management, learning and development, and organization development/organizational effectiveness roles. It is based on data from 101 companies and shows the average compensation for the roles mentioned above. For select roles, the report provides additional information. For example, for Talent Management roles, compensation information is broken into four levels: 1) EVP/SVP, 2) Vice President, 3) Director and 4) Manager. Within these four levels, the provided compensation information includes a) Base Salary and Bonus (total cash) and b) Long-Term Incentives. Then, total compensation is provided as a measure of A+B. Aside from the compensation averages, ranges are provided. For example, while the average total compensation for a Vice-President of Talent Management is $495k, the range is $260k to $720k. The report also shows how compensation varies depending on company revenue. Supplemental information is provided regarding vacation days. This report is a helpful reference for job seekers, incumbents, and hiring managers of these roles. In case you missed it, here is a post I made in May about an HRO Today study on CHRO compensation.

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