2021 Talent Trends Report | Randstad Sourceright

Workforce Trends

As organizations reimagine their talent strategies to reflect current and future challenges and opportunities, this report offers ten key trends for human resources leaders to consider. It is based on feedback from 850 human capital and C-suite leaders in 17 markets worldwide. The trends range from fuel employer brand strategies with your talent experience, to reshape the supply chain with borderless talent. One of the trends, building a sustainable workforce by repurposing talent, refers to taking workers’ existing marketable skills and “refreshing” them or adding complementary skills to transition into another role, assignment, or project. Page 46 offers five ways to facilitate the redeployment of talent, such as incentivizing your workforce to invest in learning, including upskilling goals and actions in employee review discussions, and considering a micro-learning strategy that can quickly upskill your workforce to support new business initiatives. One tactic I would add is to use AI-based talent tools that recommend redeployment opportunities to employees and managers based on talent-fit–a practice often referred to as Internal Talent Marketplace (ITM). As firms seek flexible talent models that enable them to quickly adjust to evolving market conditions, redeployment will become a more prominent component of an organization’s talent strategy.

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