2021 Wellbeing Market and Trends Report | Josh Bersin Academy

Workforce Trends

As mentioned in my article, 2021 HR Trends and Priorities: A Summarized View of 9 Sources, employee well-being (EWB) is a priority for many organizations. And as HR leaders help drive EWB for their firms, this 30-page report provides insights on employee well-being including 1) a summary of vendors offering holistic EWB solutions, 2) a 4-level EWB model firms can use to assess their current EWB capabilities and desired state, and 3) the top 11 trends in EWB in 2021. Among the trends is #3: EWB has become an essential leadership capability, where leaders “support personalized wellbeing including paying attention to the individual needs of employees, interest and inquiry into their unique situations and circumstances, and listening for understanding.” And as more firms move towards a hybrid work model—where it can be more challenging for leaders to detect employee concerns and issues—this leadership capability is increasingly vital. Whether it is called empathetic leadership or human-centered leadership, this capability will be an important criterion for leader selection, performance, succession, and development.

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