2021 Workplace Learning Report: Skill Building in the New World of Work | LinkedIn Learning

Talent Development

This report marks the fifth year of the Workplace Learning Report and includes input from over five thousand professionals spanning 27 countries. This 65-page report is full of insights, including L&D functions expect their budget to increase, and anticipate a continued acceleration to online learning. Page 21 shows the top 10 ways that L&D pros measure the impact of learning. The report notes that employee engagement surveys are increasingly entering the learning measurement mix–with an 11-point rise since last year. Concerning the top three areas of focus for L&D programs and initiatives in 2021: 1) Upskilling and reskilling – 59%—-a 15% increase since June 2020, 2) Leadership and management – 53%. 3) Virtual onboarding – 33%. In examining top priority skills to build globally this year, resilience and digital fluency topped the list. Some countries focused more on resilience (#1 in the US, Canada, France, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand). Others focused more on digital fluency (#1 skill to build in Germany, Southeast Asia, and India). Several other topics are discussed, and here is also a link to the 2020 report for your reference.

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