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HR Effectiveness

This 51-page report covers four main trends for HR in 2022 based on six priorities:  1) Recruiting,  2) Providing a great employee experience,  3) Developing leaders, 4) Controlling labor costs, 5) Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and 6) Enabling innovation. Compared to 2021, recruiting remains the top priority, and employee experience has jumped from the fifth to the second priority. One part of the report looks at the average distribution of how HR is allocating its time across HR activities. HR spends the most time on talent acquisition (TA)—the only activity that saw a significant increase (25 percent) compared to the previous year. The increase in recruiting activity reflects multiple factors, such as changes in the labor market and employee preferences, to name a few. Could firms offset some of this recruiting activity by unlocking capacity within their internal workforce?  Page 11 notes how organizations of all sizes saw their HR to FTE ratios decrease in 2021; the ratios in 2021 for small, medium, and large organizations are 1:31, 1:56, and 1:97, respectively. And while the ratio for medium and small organizations is expected to stay flat in 2022, it is expected to increase in large organizations to 1:127. Unfortunately, the report requires a direct download from McLean, so I can only provide the link to where it can be accessed. In case you missed it, here is Gartner’s Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2022.  You can also check out my article, 2021 HR Priorities: A Summarized View of Nine Sources, which shows a list of HR priorities identified by various sources around this time last year. It’s always interesting to see the extent to which priorities carry over year-to-year and which of them are actually new.

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