2022 LinkedIn Talent Trends: Data-Driven Insights into the Changing World of Work | LinkedIn

Workforce Trends

LinkedIn has just published its updated 2022 Global Talent Trends report—highlighting aspects of: 1) hiring, 2) workforce confidence, 3) candidate values, and 4) employee growth. Regarding hiring, a sample of 14 countries shows that hiring rates have decreased in all of them since one year ago (Sept 2021 vs. Sept 2022). India had the greatest decline (18%) in hiring, and the U.S. experienced a 13% drop during the same time period. While remote-job postings on LinkedIn reached an all-time high in February 2022—representing 20% of all U.S. jobs—remote job postings fell to 14% by September 2022, but got 52% of all US applications. Concerning candidate values, candidates now consider compensation and benefits their top priority when evaluating job opportunities, followed by work-life balance, flexibility, and upskilling. One explanation for why compensation and benefits have reclaimed the top priority spot is that candidates’ and employees’ confidence in their ability to improve their financial situation had decreased or remained low from January to August 2022. For organizations looking to retain their top talent, the report cites new data showing that employees who have moved internally (via either a promotion or lateral role change) have a 64% chance of remaining with an organization after three years; that number drops to 45% for those without an internal move. This data point reinforces why many organizations are making internal mobility a more prominent component of their talent strategy. Other ideas are discussed.