2022 Priorities & Predictions Report | i4cp

Workforce Trends

This 40-page report provides the perspectives of thought leaders and senior executives who serve on i4cp’s six Boards, including heads of HR, talent, learning, talent acquisition, DEI, total rewards, and people analytics. While the report includes a section for each of these distinct areas, the aggregate input is distilled into four overall priorities and predictions.1) Internal Talent Marketplaces—which catalogue the skills of the existing workforce and enable greater talent mobility—will become more prevalent. One reason I support the use of ITM technology platforms is that it enables firms to identify “hidden talent” within their organization — at speed and scale—when filling talent needs. However, firms often focus disproportionately on the technology component of ITMs at the expense of the non-tech factors that enable it (e.g., remove policy barriers to redeploying workers, motivating managers to share talent, etc.) As firms plan and implement ITMs, they need to think beyond technology. 2) Hybrid work models will morph into truly flexible work. This insight emphasizes that trying to enforce homogenous policies (e.g., requiring a certain number of days on site, or even specific days) across a diverse workforce is not the way to go. 3) Patience and options for the unvaccinated will run out. 4) CHROs—both retired and employed—will experience greater demand to serve on public boards. While this report is typically only available to i4cp members or requires a form completion to download, I appreciate that Erik Samdahl of i4cp has permitted me to share this report.  For more about i4cp, you can go to their website at www.i4cp.com.

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