2022 Workplace Learning Report: The Transformation of L&D | LinkedIn Learning

Talent Development

The Learning & Development (L&D) function is critical to achieving an organization’s talent priorities–ranging from upskilling, internal mobility, and employee wellbeing. But for L&D to support the rest of the organization in each of these endeavors, they must identify ways to build their capabilities and future-proof themselves. This 56-page report provides insights into how the L&D function will evolve. Page 26 shows a model from RedThread Research’s recent survey of over 300 L&D professionals on what skills they believe they need for the future; the research identified 39 skills in 7 skills groups. Skill groups and specific skills range from Leadership (e.g., strategic alignment, storytelling) to Data & Decision making (data literacy, external environment analysis). This additional visual by RedThread expands on the one in LinkedIn report by showing how high-performing organizations vary from everyone else in these skills. Other ideas are discussed. As a bonus article, I am sharing this BCG article, Three Steps to Turn Your Company Into a Learning Powerhouse, which provides tools and questions that can help firms assess and identify opportunities for enhancing their L&D capabilities. Among the various tools is a 5-component framework–comprising 18 dimensions–that depicts the L&D ecosystem.

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