2023 – 2024 Inside Employees’ Minds Study | Mercer

Workforce Trends

This 34-page report shares insights from a study conducted in Q3 2023 of 4,505 full-time employees in the United States working for organizations with more than 250 employees, spanning 1,300 employers. It provides insights into employee sentiments regarding various aspects of their employment and workplace. A few insights include:

  1. Intention to Stay. The number of employees who are planning to stay with their employer has increased to 68%, compared to 64% in 2022, but remains below 2021 levels of 72%.
  2. Drivers of Attraction and Retention. Pay and benefits continue to be the top reason employees are attracted to an organization – and the top reason they stay.
  3. Impact of Pay Transparency. Those who believe they are paid fairly were twice as likely to have been provided with pay data from their employer – and were also 85% more engaged and 62% more committed to their organization. 
  4. Focus on financial security. As shown in the image, many employees have financial concerns as they struggle to recover from inflation stressors. Finances remain the number one concern of employees overall.
  5. Office utilization stands at 50%, signaling the prevalence of hybrid work arrangements amid return-to-office mandates. Several other findings are discussed. 

As with other reports, this report is based on a sample segment of the population. Therefore, to gain a comprehensive understanding reflective of the broader workforce, it is recommended to integrate insights from other studies and reports alongside this one.