2023 Global Human Capital Trends Report | Deloitte Insights

Workforce Trends

Deloitte has just released its 2023 Global Human Capital Trends report—its annual analysis of key trends reshaping work, the workforce, and the workplace. The report is based on survey feedback from over 10,000 business and HR leaders across every industry and 105 countries. The insights are also informed by executive interviews. A key theme is that the boundaries that have traditionally governed the rules of work— the way jobs are organized, where work happens, and who qualifies for specific roles — are falling away. The report, which in previous years has been provided as a robust PDF, explores these themes and supporting practices through several individual articles that address topics such as:

  • experimenting with using skills, not jobs, as the baseline for how workforce decisions are made
  • redefining the concept of the workplace as a physical space
  • adapting talent strategies and practices to reflect the entire workforce ecosystem, which is increasingly comprised of nontraditional workers

As you read through the many shifts that are outlined in the report, think through: 

  • What talent and workplace practices are you implementing/experimenting with/or considering in response? (e.g, we have shifted from role-based strategic workforce planning (SWP) to skills-based SWP)
  • What challenges have you encountered/or do you anticipate in making this shift? (e.g., we find it difficult to operationalize SWP based on skills).
  • How are you overcoming these challenges? (e.g., we are using skills-based SWP to provide directional insights (e.g., we have gaps in skills A, B, C and need to recruit more talent with those skills) vs. headcount projections (we need X number of people).