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The last few weeks have ushered in several announcements about layoffs and job cuts in many organizations. And while the technology industry remains among the hardest hit, organizations across various industries have announced layoffs.  

As organizations increasingly communicate layoffs within their workforce, I have created this tracker to help leaders and recruiting teams to stay informed about organizations that have announced job cuts and layoffs since the start of the year. The tracker includes a brief description of each organization’s announcement and a link to the source announcement, which provides more details.

While layoffs are taking place in several organizations, many organizations continue to add jobs and recruit talent. To that end:

  • Recruiters, search firms, and hiring managers that are trying to attract and recruit candidates for their own open jobs can use this resource to identify opportunities for recruiting talent from organizations affected by layoffs.
  • Job candidates that are looking for their next employment opportunity can use the comments section in this LinkedIn thread related to this post to indicate to recruiters and hiring managers that they are in the job market. This can help expand the reach of your job search.

Please note that this tracker does not currently include every company that has announced layoffs and job cuts since the start of 2023. However, I will continue to update it each week as I come across new information, so check back occasionally for updates.

2023 Company Layoffs and Job Cuts Tracker

LAST UPDATED 1/27. Information is sorted by the date of the announcement, starting with the most recent. You can change the sorting into different views (e.g., show company names in alpa order, etc.) by using the drop-down functionality in those columns. You can also use the search box to see if a company is listed. Click the link to access the full announcement from which this information was sourced.
1/24/2023The manufacturing company announced layoffs of 2,500 workers for 2023. No details on if certain areas will be affected, or when the layoffs will start.Investor Place
Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL)1/20/2023The parent company of Google announced that it is laying off 12,000 workers across product areas and regions, representing 6% of its global workforce.
1/05/2023Announced it is cutting 18,000 jobs. The cuts are less than 1% of the global workforce but would amount to about 6% of its 300,000-person corporate workforce. Reuters
Bank of New York Mellon
1/13/2023Is planning to cut around 3% of its workforce in the year ahead. Approximately 1,500 jobs of the bank’s total reported headcount, which was 51,700 at the end of 2022, will be cut.Reuters
Bed Bath and Beyond
1/10/2023Announced its latest round of layoffs as it seeks buyers or lenders to avoid bankruptcy. The company did not specify the number of layoffs that would take place across its corporate, supply chain, and store portfolio.The Wall Street Journal
1/11/2023The world’s largest asset manager is cutting about 500 jobs following a period of rapid hiring. BlackRock had 19,900 employees as of Sept. 30. Layoffs will affect less than 3% of employees.CNN Business
Capital One
1/20/2023Announced the decision to lay off 1,100 workers in its technology division. The Wall Street Journal
1/13/2023Announced that it is further cutting staff this year (no numbers provided), following its layoff of 4,000 workers last year.Investor Place
1/10/2023The cryptocurrency exchange platform announced 950 layoffs. This makes up 20% of the company’s workforce. CNBC
1/10/2023Announced it would be laying off 20% of its staff. The company employs an estimated 3,600 to 4,500 employees.Yahoo Finance
1/26/2023Announced a global workforce reduction of approximately 2,000 roles—over 5% of its total workforce.Dow
1/20/2023Ford plans to cut over a thousand jobs at its main German plant in Cologne. Ford, which according to its website employs around 20,000 people in Germany.Market Screener
Goldman Sachs
1/09/2023Announced it will lay off as many as 3,200 of its roughly 49,100 workforce. More than a third of the job cuts are expected to be from the firm’s trading and banking units.CNN Business
1/24/2023The U.S. clothing company will be cutting an unknown number of jobs at its corporate headquarters. No other details, but that may change when the company releases its latest earnings report on Feb. 2, 2023. Markets Insider
1/26/2023Says it will cut 15% of its global workforce this year, comprising around 1,000 positions, which will start to take effect within the next few weeks. The Wall Street Journal
Hootsuite1/24/2023Will lay off about 70 people, or about 7% of its workforce. The Globe and Mail
1/25/2023Plans to cut 3,900 positions, or 1.5% of its global workforce. The units affected are Kyndryl, an IT infrastructure services business that was officially separated from IBM in November, and IBM’s healthcare analytics business, which an investment firm is in the process of acquiring.CNN Business
1/20/2023Announced plans to lay off 201 workers at its headquarters in Santa Clara, California by Jan. 31 of this year. Is also considering eliminating 343 jobs at its office in Sacramento, California—potentially bringing its workforce reductions in Northern California to more than 500 people.Investor Place
1/12/2023Plans to reduce its workforce by 14%, or 225 employees.Nasdaq
1/13/2023Has laid off 14 % of its staff in a bid to hasten its cash flow-positive plans.Financial Review
1/18/2023Announced plans to eliminate 10,000 jobs, or around 4.5% of its 220,000 person global workforce.Reuters
Newell Brands
1/23/2023Announced that it plans to lay off 13% of its office staff.Newell Brands
1/06/2023The software company plans to lay off 4%, or roughly 240, of its 6,000+ person workforce amid recession fears.Business Standard
1/11/2023The experience management company plans to lay off about 270 roles. Cuts impact less than 5% of Qualtrics’ total workforce, and affected some workers in Seattle, where the company employs about 1,000 people. Geek Wire
RingCentral, Inc.
1/17/2023The provider of cloud-based communication and collaboration products for businesses has conducted another round of layoffs. Individuals across many departments were affected, and one source reported that about 30 jobs were eliminated. Employees have said this is the fourth round of layoffs in recent months. In November, RingCentral reduced 10% of its staff.Channel Futures
1/20/2023Saks.com, the e-commerce company affiliated with Saks Fifth Avenue’s stores, is planning layoffs of about 100 people or just over 3.5% of its total workforce. More than half of those affected are in tech.Retail Dive
1/04/2023The cloud-based CRM software provider announced it will lay off about 10% of its workforce, roughly 8,000 employees, and close some offices as part of a restructuring plan.CIO.com
1/26/2023Will lay off 2.5% of its global workforce of 112,000, or up to 3,000 employees, The Wall Street Journal

1/23/2023The music streaming service has announced that it will be conducting a round of layoffs that will impact around 6%, or roughly 600 employees of its 9,808 full time global workforce.Tech Crunch
Stitch Fix
1/23/2023The online personalized subscription clothing retailer said it plans to lay off 20% of its salaried staff.CNN Business
Teladoc Health Inc.
1/18/2023The medicine and virtual healthcare company is cutting about 300 jobs, or 6% of its non-clinician workforce, as part of a broader push to reduce costs.Fierce Healthcare
Uber Technologies
1/18/2023Laying off a total of 150 workers at Uber Freight, which makes up about 3% of its employees. This is Uber’s business focused on matching truck drivers with loads, rather than its more well-known ride-sharing service.Investors Place
Unity Software Inc.
1/17/2023The game development platform organization announced it is eliminating 284 jobs, although some employees that are impacted will be placed in other positions. Unity had more than 8,000 employees before its most recent round of cuts. The Wall Street Journal
1/04/2023The American video hosting platform announced layoffs that would affect 11% of its workforce, across departments like sales and research and development, which it recorded as 1,219 workers in its December 2021 annual regulatory filing.Business Insider
Vox Media1/20/2023The publisher of news websites such as Vox and The Verge, in addition to New York magazine, will lay off 7% of its workforce, which will result in about 130 layoffs impacting multiple teams, including editorial.CNN Business
1/20/2023The online retailer announced plans to cut 1,750 jobs, 10% of staff. The job cuts will affect 18% of Wayfair's corporate workforce, or about 1,200 employees.Reuters
1/20/2023Will reduce its global workforce by 300 employees, representing roughly 6.8% of the company’s workers.Investor Place

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