2023 Talent Trends Cheat Sheet | Brian Heger

HR Effectiveness

Various reports on 2023 HR priorities and talent trends have been published over the last several weeks. These reports are replete with insights and in-depth thinking on how firms can effectively meet the talent challenges and opportunities ahead. While each report provides enlightening insights, it can take time to sift through the different reports to identify common themes. To help HR practitioners and leaders distill these insights into a summarized view, I have integrated the priorities and trends from seven resources into a one-page snapshot. Although the sources used for this snapshot are in no particular order and are not a full representation of all reports, they provide a sample from respected sources (e.g., Gartner, McLean & Co, Insight222, HR Trend Institute, and more). For each of the seven resources, I show the trends and priorities they have identified. I’ve also highlighted where there are common themes across the various reports. You can click the company logo for each report to access the source report or learn how to obtain it (one is behind a firewall). This one-page summary is intended to provide directional insights that HR practitioners can consider as they shape and execute their 2023 talent, workforce, and workplace priorities. As new reports are released, I will continue integrating them into this summary document.