2023 Workplace Learning Report | LinkedIn Learning

Talent Development

This 52-page LinkedIn Learning report overviews various learning and development topics, including internal mobility, upskilling/reskilling, and career development. Regarding internal mobility, only 15% of surveyed workers report that their employer actively encourages them to seek new opportunities within the company(p.27). My Take: While many organizations are introducing tech platforms to enable internal mobility, organizations often approach IM as a technology initiative and give less attention to the non-technological components critical to IM. A few non-tech barriers that can impede IM include: 1) policies that restrict internal movement (e.g., the employee must be in a role for a certain amount of time before moving to another internal role or opportunity). 2) narrow and irrelevant selection criteria (e.g., managers include criteria that are too specific or not relevant to success in the role and end up limiting the internal talent pool). With this as the backdrop, I am also including this one-page editable template that provides a simple way to identify if six non-technological IM barriers exist in their organizations. While there are other non-technological barriers to IM, this template can help jumpstart your thinking on this topic.