2024 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report | Deloitte Insights

Workforce Trends

Each year, HR practitioners and business professionals eagerly anticipate Deloitte’s annual Global Human Capital Trends report, a comprehensive analysis of key trends reshaping work, the workforce, and the workplace. Released this past week, the 2024 report identifies seven trends. With insights drawn from over 14,000 survey respondents across 95 countries, the report explores topics such as redefining worker performance metrics beyond productivity, scaling human capabilities like curiosity and empathy, fostering “microcultures” within organizations, and the rise of the boundaryless HR function. The section on microcultures, beginning on page 79, emphasizes that organizations should embrace a “culture of cultures” rather than pursue a singular common culture. This approach tailors cultures to the unique needs of local teams while aligning with overarching organizational values. The authors submit that the prevalent practice of assessing “cultural fit” during interviews often overlooks the existence of “microcultures” within specific parts of an organization, leading to post-hire misalignments in cultural expectations. The image of this post provides indicators of when an organization should adopt a microculture approach. Other topics are discussed in this robust 122-page report.