2024 Talent Acquisition Trends Report | Korn Ferry

Talent Acquisition

This 10th annual report by Korn Ferry highlights six key trends in talent acquisition for 2024. One of these trends is the intersection of AI and recruiters, with AI streamlining time-consuming recruiting tasks, such as assessments and scheduling. This practice enables recruiters to prioritize the candidate experience, relationship management, and innovative talent sourcing. Another trend is AI’s role in helping candidates, matching them with suitable job postings and enhancing their resumes. Concerns about candidates potentially embellishing resumes persist, but AI does not exacerbate this issue compared to non-AI tools. Additionally, early career hiring is gaining momentum as employers expand their recruitment sources to include state colleges, vocational schools, high schools, and non-traditional higher education institutions, diversifying the candidate pool. The shift towards hiring for skills over credentials continues, with job postings increasingly emphasizing specific skills rather than the candidate’s educational background. Recent LinkedIn data show that recruiters on the platform search for candidates by their skills five times more frequently than by their degrees, and the share of LinkedIn job postings not requiring a degree increased by 36% in the past year.  As recruiters continue to find ways to spot talent in less obvious places, I’m also resharing the Harvard Business School and Accenture report, ‘Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent.’