2024 Talent, Workplace, and HR Priorities and Trends: Working Draft of Multiple Sources

Workforce Trends

Every year around this time, I create a one-page cheat sheet consolidating talent and workforce trends reported by various sources for the upcoming year. While some practitioners may not find value in reports on trends and priorities, I find them helpful for gaining insights into external perspectives on prevalent talent and workplace topics. To assist HR practitioners and leaders in distilling these insights, I’ve started to merge 2024 priorities and trends from a few sources into a single snapshot. Although these sources don’t encompass all available reports (as some are yet to be published), they offer a sample from reputable sources like Gartner, McLean & Co, i4cp, and Glassdoor Economic Research. You can click the company logo to access the source report or learn how to obtain it (a few require you to download the report directly).  I will update this cheat sheet with more resources as they become available and then add my typical color-coded format (see 2023 version)—where I show common themes across the different reports. For now, this one-page draft can help you gain directional insights into the various trends and priorities being reported by multiple sources.