21 HR Jobs of the Future | Harvard Business Review

HR Effectiveness

As COVID-19 continues to revolutionize HR’s role, many HR organizations are anticipating how HR jobs will need to change in order to meet future business priorities and drive competitive edge. This article provides insights into 21 HR jobs that will evolve HR’s role over the next decade. It is based on feedback from nearly 100 CHROs, CLOs, and VP’s of talent and workforce transformation. The 21 roles are arranged on a 2×2 grid, where the X-axis depicts time, and the order in which the job is expected to appear over the next ten years; the Y-axis represents “technology centricity” or the degree to which these jobs will require a grounding in computer science. The 21 jobs range from Algorithm Bias Auditor, Distraction Prevention Coach, to Chief Purpose Planner. Each of the 21 jobs embodies five core themes, including data literacy, organizational trust and safety, and human-machine partnerships, to name a few. HR leaders can use this reference as they think through and plan their future HR organization.

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