Three Resources for Enabling Your Company’s Talent Review Process | The Talent Strategy Group

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As many firms get ready to conduct talent reviews in their organizations, these three resources by The Talent Strategy Group and Marc Effron can help leaders prepare. 1) Potential After the Pandemic addresses the question: should we change how we define and measure potential to align with the changing nature of work and the workplace? The short answer is that the core components of potential, such as intellect and personality, still have the same power to predict potential as pre-pandemic; intellect accounts for 35 to 45%, and personality covers up to 25% of variances in potential. One factor that has likely changed in some individuals is their motivation to invest discretionary time at work.”  2) Rethinking Potential: Should We Search for Hidden Gems, Shy-Po’s and Repressed Performers? One aspect of this article covers how organizations can uncover a hidden segment of high-potential talent: Shy-pos—those with more significant potential but go undetected for reasons such as being less vocal about career advancement or not being “showcased” to decision-makers. I would add that one reason those with high potential get overlooked (a false negative) is proximity bias—where one’s physical proximity to their team and company leaders can unfairly influence assessments of performance and potential. Building manager capability in this area can mitigate this bias. 3) Six Steps to Great Talent Reviews dives into ways to overcome challenges to executing effective talent reviews, ranging from overly complex processes, vague definitions of potential, ill-equipped HR leaders, and no follow-up.

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