3 Resources for Informing an Organization’s Talent Narrative | The Conference Board, MercerMarsh Benefits, and Dave Ulrich

HR Effectiveness

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Organizational stakeholders — investors, current and prospective employees, customers, and strategic partners—are increasingly interested in understanding how organizations manage their workforce and talent. As such, Chief HR Officers continue to be called upon to help articulate their organizations’ talent narrative—from how workforce risks are managed to how talent initiative delivers value.

Against this backdrop, these three resources provide ideas that can inform multiple aspects of an organization’s talent narrative:

  1. The Conference Board’s report Telling the Human Capital Management Story. This 20-page report includes ideas on how organizations can communicate and tailor the messages of their talent narrative to different stakeholder groups while still drawing from a single source of truth. Page 19 shows a visual of seven stakeholder groups and the parts of the talent narrative in which they are most likely interested.
  2.  An 85-page MercerMarsh Benefits report that covers five pillars of 25 people-risks that can pose a threat to an organization if not managed. Each section of the report provides a set of actions organizations can take to manage risks most relevant to their business.
  3. Dave’ Ulrich’s article, Eleven Evolutions in Human Capability That Accelerate the Business, which covers how HR delivers value to the organization and its stakeholders through four different pathways (talent, leadership, organization, and HR).

Each resource can serve as a helpful reference for thinking through aspects of a talent narrative.