3 Resources for Informing Workforce Planning | Gartner

Workforce Planning

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Here are 3 Gartner resources providing insights into various aspects of strategic workforce planning (SWP).

  1. Assessing 11 Talent Risks. Covers 3 steps for assessing talent risks to help guide SWP. Table 1 includes examples of indicators of the 11 most prevalent talent risks.
  2. Data Sources for SWP. This reference provides a summary of internal and external data sources that can inform SWP. HR leaders can review this information with their teams to identify the most relevant data sources for their SWP efforts.
  3. SWP Beyond Jobs. Shares 4 steps to break down roles into tasks, and then use those tasks to inform SWP strategies. Figure 1 on page 37 shows 5 criteria that can be used to assess a role’s “composability”—the degree to which it can be broken down into tasks.

These are just a few examples of SWP resources to stimulate ideas. Use them if it can help your efforts.