3 Resources for Managing the External and Internal Contributors of a Firm’s Workforce as an Ecosystem | Multiple Sources

Talent Management

As the proportion of external contributors (e.g., contractors, freelancers, gig workers, etc.) in an organization’s workforce grows, HR teams play a vital role in helping organizations manage this blend of external contributors and internal employees as a total workforce. Here are three articles with actionable insights for supporting this effort. 1) “Managing External Contributors in Workforce Ecosystems” from MIT Sloan Management Review, spotlighting Cisco’s challenges with over 50,000 contingent workers, managed separately from HR, resulting in fragmented strategies and compliance issues. Cisco’s initiatives for improvement are detailed. 2) “The Rise of The Invisible Workforce” from The Conference Board stresses the necessity of a strategic, integrated approach to contingent workforce management, highlighting governance, workforce planning, and managerial guidelines for transparency and compliance. 3) “Workforce Ecosystems and AI Research Report by the Brookings Institution explores the intersection of workforce ecosystems and AI and the implications for designing work, supplying workers, conducting work, and measuring work and workers. What is one idea from these resources that you can implement to help your organization more effectively manage its workforce of internal and external contributors?