3 Strategies to Position HR for Innovation | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

You can also access this article and many others in Issue 245 of Talent Edge Weekly.

The HR function continuously seeks innovative solutions to address both ongoing and emerging workforce challenges. However, as highlighted in this Gartner article, HR often faces significant barriers to innovation, such as insufficient collaboration among HR teams working in silos and a lack of a clear process for proposing new ideas. The article suggests three strategies to overcome these challenges:

  1. defining the value of HR innovation,
  2. embedding innovation networks,
  3. and establishing structured innovation processes.

Concerning the first strategy— defining HR innovation’s value— Figure 1 presents a framework of seven critical dimensions to guide the focus and scope of innovative initiatives. At the company level, these dimensions include novelty, market impact, timing, and scale. The program or initiative level encompasses focus, participation, and breadth Each dimension provides a range of options, such as the Novelty dimension, which spans from “something we haven’t done” to “something nobody in the world has done,” and the Scale dimension, which ranges from “small/incremental” to “large/radical.” This framework could be helpful to HR leaders and their teams as they evaluate and articulate the scope, benefits, and value of their innovations.

As a bonus, I am resharing my HR Initiative Prioritization template, which can also help teams evaluate the business impact of HR initiatives.