3 Structural Changes the New Workplace Requires of HR Technology | HCM Technology Report

HR Technology

Many organizations and parents are increasingly realizing that the pandemic will persist beyond the timeframe initially expected. And with many school districts already announcing their plans to conduct either online or a hybrid on-site/digital approach, this will present further challenges to workers who need to juggle childcare and education with their job responsibilities. As such, how work gets done will continue to change, which will call for advanced HR technology capabilities that enable performance in this challenging environment. This article provides three structural changes that COVID-19 will bring to HR technology, including 1) Streamlining the navigation of communication and collaboration platforms with more apps embedded in other products. 2) Providing touchless interfaces that streamline access to facilities (e.g., using facial recognition to eliminate the need to have workers scan or display ID cards. 3) Creating in-the-moment apps that proactively serve up information versus having a worker request it (e.g., a system that offers flight schedules as soon as users enter a meeting in their calendar). HR leaders can consider these and other factors as they work with IT to implement technology solutions that optimize efficiency, performance, safety, and employee experience.

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