3 Talent Templates: Critical Role Risk, Employee Retention Risk, and Non-Tech Barriers to Internal Mobility

Talent Management

As I continue to receive requests for various talent management tools, I am resharing three one-page templates I created for different talent purposes:

  1.  Critical Position Risk. After an organization has identified its critical positions, one crucial next step is to evaluate any risks and vulnerabilities in those positions. This template helps to determine if four types of risks are present in critical positions: incumbent risk, internal bench risk, development risk, and external talent risk.
  2. Employee Retention Risk. This template allows managers to assess employee retention risk using 13 indicators known as the ‘cues of turnover scale.’ The output can help identify strategies for mitigating retention risk in the most important areas.
  3. Non-technological Barriers to Internal Mobility. While technology (e.g., internal talent marketplace platforms, etc.) is a critical enabler of internal mobility (IM), organizations often approach IM as a technology initiative and lose sight of the non-technological critical components of an IM strategy. This template provides practitioners with a way to identify if these six non-technological IM barriers exist in their organizations and determine the appropriate actions to take in response. Please note that these six are not the only non-tech barriers to IM, but serve as a good starting point.

Although these templates aren’t sophisticated, simple tools like these can prompt the right discussions leading to the right actions in critical areas of talent management.