39 Questions Managers Can Use in Their Mid-Year Check In Discussion with Direct Reports

Talent Management

While effective performance management includes ongoing, real-time feedback throughout the year, mid-year is usually one reflection point when managers and leaders hold performance check-in discussions with each of their team members. And although one purpose of this check-in is to discuss the employees’ progress on key performance goals and objectives, it is also an opportunity for managers to see how employees are doing and to use the time to re-engage their workers. To help managers and leaders prepare for these conversations, here are two previously shared resources that can be leveraged. 1) An INSEAD article, “Performance Reviews Need a Brand-New P&L,” which includes 18 questions managers can draw from to help identify what workers value in their work, careers, etc. Example questions include: What are your aspirations for career advancement? What are your needs at this life stage? How do your lifestyle needs align with your growth aspirations? Have you been learning in your current position? What would you like to learn next? 2) An AIHR article that includes 21 “stay interview” questions, including: What do you look forward to most when you come to work every day? When was the last time you thought about leaving the company? What would tempt you to leave the company? As your manager, what can I do more or less of?  Even just asking, “how are you doing?” can go a long way. Managers can select a few questions and integrate them into their check-in discussions. The answers can help uncover opportunities for enabling employee performance, development, engagement, and retention.

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