4 ChatGPT Prompt Examples for HR | Brian Heger

HR Effectiveness

Chat GPT shows promise for many HR practitioners exploring this AI technology to redefine their work and unlock new capabilities. This PDF includes four examples of Chat GPT prompts you might use for HR. The prompts are related to: 1) Talent Management, 2) Recruiting and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, 3) Employee Onboarding, and 4) Evaluating AI-based Talent Vendors. Each slide includes a prompt (what you are asking for) and a sample of the output. For example, a talent management prompt that centers on “creating a draft talent review agenda” might have the prompt: “I am conducting a talent review for my organization. Please write me an agenda for the talent review. It is important that we discuss employees’ potential, retention, and talent development, to name a few. Another prompt regarding employee onboarding might be: “Our company is a luxury retailer that needs to onboard new sales associates. Please create a 6-week onboarding plan that includes key people to meet, core brands, store policies, and workplace safety, to name a few topics. Please note that this PDF is intended to spark ideas on how you might leverage Chat GPT in your role. The prompts are just examples and don’t suggest that these are the most important ones. To help you think through prompts most relevant to you and your organization, I have included a section in the PDF where you can write down your ideas. The last page of the PDF shows how you can get additional ChatGPT prompts.