4 Resources for 2023 HR Strategy Planning | Multiple Sources

HR Effectiveness

As HR leaders finalize and refine their 2023 priorities, here are four resources to help with these efforts. 

1)  Gartner – a template to capture the essence of the HR strategy, key initiatives, assumptions, and metrics.

2) Conference Board – a 20-page report on how organizations can tailor their talent narrative to various stakeholders while still drawing from a single source of truth.

3) SAP Success Factors – a 16-page paper that includes 100 questions (spanning eight talent categories) to help HR teams think critically about their organizations’ talent priorities.

4) 2023 Talent Trends and HR Priorities – a one-page summary where I compile trends identified by 7 sources.

While I have shared these resources in individual posts, I am bundling them here for easy access.