4 Resources for Identifying and Addressing Employee Retention Risk

Talent Management

Employee retention continues to be a top concern for many organizations. This one-page reference integrates four resources for managers to leverage as they identify and address their most critical employee retention risks. The four resources provide questions and indicators to help managers and leaders gain insights into various aspects of employee retention. They include: 1) Pre-quitting Behaviors. 13 questions managers can answer about each of their employees to determine the extent to which each employee has exhibited certain retention risk behaviors over the last 2 to 3 months. 2) Size of Team Retention Risk. Includes six questions managers can ask to gauge the overall retention risk of their team. 3) Work or Life Events Triggers. Provides six events or triggers that prompt an employee to reflect on and reconsider their career. 4) Stay Interview Questions. Includes 16 questions for managers to understand what employees enjoy about working for the company and what needs improvement. Managers can incorporate a few of these questions in their one-one check-ins with their direct reports. HR teams can leverage this PDF to give managers and leaders ideas for critically evaluating employee retention risk and determining retention strategies.