4 Resources for Identifying and Managing Talent and Workforce Resources

Talent Management

Many organizations invest considerable effort in crafting a talent strategy to support business objectives and deliver stakeholder value. Yet, they often give less attention to the various talent risks that could impede the execution of such strategies. Against this backdrop, I present four resources aimed at raising awareness of diverse talent and workforce risks— helping practitioners identify and mitigate risk vulnerabilities within their organizations.

  1. MercerMarsh Benefits’ 85-page report, “25 People Risks,” organizes ideas around 25 people-related risks into five pillars, offering a broader perspective on less apparent workforce risks.
  2. A one-page Critical Position Risk template I’ve developed helps assess four key risks in critical positions: incumbent risk, internal bench risk, development risk, and external talent risk.
  3. Deloitte’s article, “Managing Workforce Risk in An Era of Unpredictability and Disruption,” delves into strategies utilized by leading organizations (termed Pioneer firms) to mitigate workforce risks in challenging times.
  4. Another template focuses on Employee Retention Risk, employing 13 indicators known as the ‘cues of turnover scale’ to help managers evaluate and strategize ways to mitigate retention risk in crucial areas.

How does your organization currently approach the detection and mitigation of talent and workforce risks?