4 Resources on Employee Preferences | Brian Heger

Workforce Trends

Worker preferences, expectations, and values continue to shift. And while there have been many reports describing how employee preferences are changing, tracking this information across various sources is challenging. This one-page summary includes four resources that provide insights into employee values, preferences, and expectations. Each resource addresses the topic from a different angle and question: 1) LinkedIn Talent Solutions answers: What are job candidates placing value on? 2) Bain & Company explores: How are workers prioritizing each job attribute? 3) Mercer dives into the question: What are workers most concerned about? 4) McKinsey & Company answers: What are workers’ top reasons for quitting? While there are various topics on these lists, I highlighted in green those related to pay and compensation since there has been much discussion about how workers place greater importance on these aspects of the employee value proposition. Keep in mind that this one-page summary only includes four resources. You can use it as a jump-off point for conducting additional research. To access the detailed reports of any of the four sources, click on their logo in the PDF.