40 Employee Turnover Statistics To Know | Built In

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Although the drivers of employee turnover can vary by employee segment and industry, this list of 40 employee turnover statistics enables a better understanding of the topic and provides a reference point and context for evaluating an organization’s employee turnover. The data points are organized by 9 categories ranging from 1) General Stats- e.g., between 60-70% of all employee turnover is voluntary, 2) Impact of Manager on Turnover – e.g., 77% of employees with poor managers say they hope to leave their job soon, 3) Impact of Employee Onboarding on Turnover – e.g., 69% of employees are more likely to stay at a company for three years if they experience a good onboarding process. These and the remaining 37 stats provide a well-done compilation of information that can be used to understand the drivers and impact of employee turnover as well as employee engagement, employee retention, and employee experience.

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