40 Ideas to Shake Up Your Hiring Process | Harvard Business Review

Talent Acquisition

This article shares 40 strategies organized into seven categories that either strengthen an organization’s hiring process or enhance a company’s offer. The seven categories include: 1) hiring campaign and selection, 2) talent sourcing, 3) channel strategy, 4) compensation and benefits, 5) career development, 6) work design, and 7) culture. A few tactics include: a) figure out what work needs to get done, and rewrite job descriptions to focus on the skills and specs that matter the most for that work, instead of relying on generic education or experience requirements, b) seek candidates who match 70% to 80% of the most critical skills for the role — and develop learning curricula to equip them with the remainder, c) tap into “hidden” populations, including retired workers, d) segment and develop tailored benefits for hard-to-fill talent populations. Regarding benefits, I am resharing this Gartner reference on how organizations can communicate reward programs and benefits more effectively through “life moments,” such as getting married/engaged, purchasing a home, having/adopting a child, or taking a big trip. Organizing and communicating reward programs and benefits through life moments can help job candidates and employees recognize the strength of an organization’s employee value proposition—serving as an effective tool for talent attraction and retention.